It’s been said that maps encourage boldness, and while the sentiment pertains to travel, it certainly applies to business. After all, few entrepreneurs would have the confidence to open a business without some kind of roadmap plotting out those essential first steps.  

In a highly competitive job market, the question of who is going to work for you and how you’re going to find those people may also call for some boldness, and more than a touch of ingenuity.  And it most definitely requires a plan.

A recruitment plan is much more than a guide to attracting and retaining quality employees.  Consider it a roadmap that will help drive you toward greater clarity in your business and, in turn, your recruitment goals.

You may already have recruitment plan; if you don’t, a quick Google search will offer templates to guide you through the process of creating one. Regardless of style, every plan should address two big questions:

Who are you?

Plenty of people have been passed over for jobs after being told they, “Don’t align” with the company’s vision or values, often without fully understanding what that means. Can you explain, in a single paragraph, what it is you do, and what it is your company values? Can your hiring manager?

For example, if you describe your company as “community-focused,” you should be able to explain what that means in a sentence or two: We actively support local charities and employee volunteerism. 

Key words and phrases should be a part of your recruitment plan, your company culture and everyday discourse, and they should always be incorporated into your job ads to attract candidates that ‘align’. 

Who are your employees?

Create an employee profile, including the qualities and skills you’re looking for in the context of your business, and its individual roles. For start-ups, words like “energetic” and “multi-tasker” often come up in job ads, but what does that look like in terms of expectations and daily responsibilities? 

A recruitment plan is a great place to unpack key attributes: We’re a small but growing company seeking team members who are available to work overtime and support multiple client accounts. 

Clear goals and expectations are an incredibly powerful tool in recruitment and will help ensure you have the right people in the right seats.  When broken down in a recruitment plan, those goals and expectations will inform your hiring manager, your job ads, and even extend to your training strategy, giving everyone a better idea of what to expect as they journey forward with your company.  

 If you don’t have the time (or team) to put together and execute a recruitment plan, our RPO services can help get you on track. Book a call to learn more.