Driving a More Efficient Recruitment Process

Talent recruiting eats up a lot of resources for companies—especially those experiencing fast
growth. It is no longer as simple as posting a job opening and watching the resumés flow in. It
requires effective, timely management of a multi-faceted process. Not to mention the talent
acquisition software that’s always evolving.

Enter RPO.

What is RPO?

RPO stands for recruitment process outsourcing. An outsourced service, RPO involves a
business transferring its recruitment processes to a third-party provider such as Squadron

The RPO route enables companies to bypass the challenges of dealing with today’s competitive
labor market, implementing the necessary technologies, and managing the vetting and hiring
process. Outsourcing your recruitment process to an RPO provider puts it all in the hands of
experts who do this all day, every day, with the resources to manage the people, technology,
process, and metrics of talent acquisition.

Benefits of RPO for tech firms

Today’s technology companies are dealing with a more diverse workforce in terms of
independent contractors, remote employees, and indirect hires. They need to consistently
recruit top talent with niche skills to compete in the tech vertical. And new roles are being
created as technology evolves.

RPO innovation helps tech companies—from early stage to long-established—maintain their
competitive stance through highly directed, data-driven talent recruiting. With the focus on
recruiting the right candidate for the role, RPO providers streamline the recruiting process with a
highly targeted approach.

Why Squadron?

In a word: efficiency.

Squadron is an end-to-end RPO service specializing in companies experiencing rapid
growth—often the case with early-stage tech firms. With Squadron, you can scale up quickly,
with savings of 50-60% compared to conventional contingency-based recruiting fees.

Our complete talent-sourcing solutions are optimized by the latest talent acquisition tech—so
you can allocate your resources to other operational needs. The result? A better, less stressful
experience for both the HR manager AND the job candidate.

Our customized recruitment process includes:

  • Creating customized job descriptions and outreach campaigns to attract the best
    candidates across all job platforms
  • Implementing strategic screening methods, tailored assessments, and thorough
    reference checks to better pinpoint the right talent for your needs
  • Maximizing employer branding and market research, ensuring that your company’s
    offerings successfully attract the best talent for your organization
  • Leveraging organizational reviews, succession planning, and applicant tracking
    integration to help you implement sustainable growth strategies

Imagine taking all that off your figurative plate, so you can concentrate on building your
business and training all that valuable new talent. Aah …

We recruit UI and UX designers

In the digital-first world, UI (user interface) and UX (user experience) design are critical to a
brand’s success at building a strong relationship with consumers. At Squadron, we work with
CMOs, CTOs, digital agencies, marketing directors and others who seek candidates steeped in
UI and UX design trends and best practices. We understand the process of mapping out a
positive user journey and creating a user-friendly digital interface that enhances it.

Contact Squadron to get started
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recruiting process—from designing a targeted profile for your ideal job candidates to writing the
job description through selecting the best candidates for these roles and more.