If you’re struggling to define and communicate your employer brand, it’s impacting your recruitment efforts. Afterall, your brand is the heart and soul of your company, encompassing everything from company culture to the feeling people get when they spot your logo.

In 2021, a Glassdoor survey of American hiring professionals showed 86 percent felt recruitment had become more like brand marketing.

Blame the Great Resignation.

Around 50 million US workers quit their jobs in 2022, putting more employers in the position of having to sell their companies to prospective candidates – not the other way around.

So, when it comes to marketing your employer brand as part of the recruitment process, outsourcing can feel like handing over the keys to your car.

Can an RPO firm manage and communicate your brand more effectively than an in-house team immersed in your culture?

The answer may surprise you. Consider this:

Most RPOs offer significant experience in brand management and marketing.

Why? Because a good RPO partner wants to save you money, and a strong employer brand can reduce the cost per hire by as much as half.

And since RPO providers know that many companies do struggle to define and communicate their employer brand, being able to clarify and refine it can be an integral part of the service they provide. Their teams are designed with this in mind.

RPOs know how to market jobs and showcase the company brand.

Can your HR manager write a job ad?

Of course, but there’s a big difference between describing the company brand and opportunities and selling them to prospective candidates in a way that makes them want to apply. It’s a skill set that not every in-house recruiter is able to provide.

RPOs are experts in positioning and can help yield better results.

Engaging RPO pros to help you share your employer brand and job opportunity in a way that is truly reflective of what employees can expect is going to net more suitable candidates.

When a job ad resonates with applicants, they’re more likely to tailor their resume to showcase their own personal brand and highlight in detail what they can bring to your organization.

Vague messaging equals vague applications, and specificity is one of the easiest ways to differentiate yourself from your competitors.

RPO is built for collaboration.

You’re not really handing over the keys to your car. You’re in the driver’s seat, while your RPO partner is the passenger who knows the road and will help you navigate.

You know where your company has been and where you want it to go in the future. But the passenger can assess your surroundings and provide a level of detail that will only serve to enhance the journey, alert you to roadblocks and help you reach your destination more quickly.

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