If lingering job vacancies have become expensive and disruptive to your company’s central focus, it might be time to enlist the help of Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO). Drawing on insight from recruiters and clients representing a cross-section of industries and staffing challenges, we’ve put together a helpful guide for better ROI with RPO!

Start with clarity.

It’s vital for you or your hiring manager to be as specific as possible in communicating priorities and expected timelines with your recruiter at the start of the RPO partnership.

Along with a detailed job description, be up front about every must-have and deal breaker when it comes to prospective employees. Provide examples.

Since RPOs have more resources at their disposal, they will often provide more qualified candidates than what a company may be accustomed to finding through traditional means. At that point, a company may decide to narrow the qualifications, but for better ROI with RPO, it’s prudent to ensure refining takes place at the beginning of the partnership – not part way through the process.

Embrace technology.

To maximize your investment in RPO, don’t attempt to cut costs by requesting candidate sourcing only, and then ask your recruiter to hand over a file of candidates who haven’t been properly screened – to give you their ‘maybe’ file.

Most RPO providers use AI recruitment technology with the built-in expertise to screen resumes and identify candidates that match your ‘must-haves.’

Time is money; you won’t really be saving anything when you opt to weed through resumes that haven’t been reviewed or ranked according to the job requirements you’ve already communicated (as noted above).

And then there is the issue of following up with the candidates you choose to decline. If you’ve decided to invest in RPO, go all in: let your recruiter use their tools to present you with only the best of the best, and to ensure all unsuccessful applicants receive an automated, personalized notification.

Know Your Data.

Have your RPO provider share your recruitment analytics and reporting data.

Yes, it will take a little time to go through it, but it may allow you to streamline the process – another effective way to maximize your investment in RPO. After all, the job market may change and, as with any process, there is almost always room for tailored improvement.

Areas of focus should include data on time-to-hire and cost-per-hire – things you may be able to tighten up by communicating your needs with greater clarity. You can also request reports on recruitment activities for valuable insight on recruitment trends and patterns within your industry that will help inform your hiring strategy over time.

In the end, any reputable provider will strive to create a mutually beneficial process that nets you better ROI with RPO. We would love to work with you to achieve your hiring goals, and maximize your investment in RPO.

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