Do you need more automation in your life?

If you’re a start-up, a solopreneur or an HR manager with a small team, the answer is: Probably!

As a key decision maker within your company, lengthy to-do lists and competing priorities are likely par for the course. Depending on how well you delegate (or if you have someone to delegate to!) removing even one task can sometimes feel like a compromise.

After all, if you don’t do ____(insert something from that list of HR tasks), will it get done? Will it get done properly?

Automation is one simple way to reclaim your time and complete those HR tasks with greater efficiency, all without compromising quality.

Many HR leaders are already making it happen.

According to a recent survey of 250 HR managers in the US, 73 percent are using some form of automation to combat their task lists.

Almost all of them (92 percent) are planning to increase their use of automation in at least one area of HR.

So, why not you? Why not your company?

One hesitation tends to stem from uncertainty.

Maybe you’re not entirely certain of what automation is, or exactly how it could be applied in your workplace. If you’re someone who isn’t great at delegating to human colleagues, relying on a chatbot might seem unnerving.

Let’s break it down.

What is automation?

HR automation uses software to automate time-consuming tasks, allowing owners and HR managers to focus on the more strategic ones – the ones designed to make money!

If you’d like to add more streamlining, security and efficiency to your life, consider automation your new best friend!

Where can I apply automation?

  • Post job ads with precision. Programs like Workable do this and much more, with access to the best job boards for the sector and region you’re hiring in.

This software can automatically post to 200-plus job sites in one go, and then let you view all of the applicants there, in one place.

  • Respond and track communications. No more waking up at 2 am wondering: ‘Did I respond to that rockstar candidate?’

Yesware has built a system to provide detailed email tracking. You will get a notification when a recipient reads your email, opens your link, or views your attachment. A single dashboard click will tell you everything.

It also provides ready-to-go email templates, meaning you’ll never have to write the same email twice and can personalize your message within seconds.

  • Pre-screen candidates. Time is money. Your time, specifically.

If you’re currently managing a business or a team while wearing multiple HR hats, you can confidently remove one: Communicating with under-qualified applicants.

With the advance of automation, apps like Greyscale can screen resumes, conduct  automated, text-based interviews and provide one-to-one messaging to keep candidates engaged – securely.

There is no reason for you to spend time emailing/calling/meeting with applicants who aren’t serious contenders, so cross this task off your list.

Not only that: In addition to freeing you up for more lucrative tasks, these apps also reduce ghosting, eliminate unconscious bias from the screening process, and accelerate the amount of time it takes to fill a vacant position.

Are you ready make it happen?

The Squadron team stays on top of the latest tools in HR automation so that you don’t have to wade through demo offers and software reviews. Book a consult and we’ll discuss the best options to meet your specific industry needs.