If you’re a company owner or hiring manager wondering if it might be time to explore hiring a Recruitment Assistant through RPO, we’ve got two words for you:

Summer vacation.

They’re words that can send feelings of both excitement and dread rippling through a workplace.

For employees, summer vacation is about sleeping in, road trips and outdoor fun.

For managers however, summer vacation can mean the difficult task of staggering or declining time off requests, and endless schedule revisions to ensure the work gets done.

It’s a challenge at the best of times; it’s a nightmare if you’re already short staffed.

In March of 2023, the US Chamber of Commerce said there were 10 million job openings and only 5.7 million unemployed workers.

The hospitality industry is feeling it; Bloomberg has reported that 60 percent of restaurant chains are understaffed. The American Hotel & Lodging Association is already panicking, with 87 percent of US hotels in dire need of employees.

Many industries are in the same boat and find recruitment has become more competitive than ever.

So, with the spring season now upon us, it’s time to ask: Can your company withstand a barrage of time off requests without sacrificing deadlines, quality and productivity this summer?

Consider the benefits of hiring a Recruitment Assistant through RPO. It’s a great option for growing companies looking to up their recruitment game and streamline their hiring process.

Recruitment Assistants are a fit for small but growing businesses who need help, but not the support of an entire recruitment team.

They’re also a fit for larger companies with in-house recruitment staff looking for fresh candidate sourcing methods, and ways to get an edge on competitors vying for the same talent.

Here are just some of the reasons to hire a Recruitment Assistant this spring:

  • A Dedicated Assistant. RPO brings together the best of the best when it comes to recruitment expertise. If your current hiring system relies on staff who, “wear many hats,” you’re probably missing out on top talent. They simply won’t have the time or expertise needed to access as many candidate pools as a dedicated Recruitment Assistant.
  • Less Admin. You don’t have to wear all the hats. Tasks like candidate correspondence, posting job ads, getting contract signatures, sending policy documents – having one person handle only those things will streamline your hiring process and let you focus on what you do best.
  • More Innovation. RPO incorporates the data precision of AI screening and some of the best interview tools and candidate sourcing methods available today. Your Recruitment Assistant will have access to all of this, allowing them to complement your in-house team and find more quality candidates, more quickly.
  • Team Support. A Recruitment Assistant doesn’t have to take the reins on hiring, especially if you already have a talented in-house manager or team. They can work with them to provide ongoing support, with guidance on regulation compliance, best practices and strategic planning.

Don’t dread summer vacation. Considering hiring a Recruitment Assistant, or some of the other options available through a full-service RPO provider. Click here to schedule a free consultation.